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hard hats


    When it comes to safety on the job for yourself and your co-workers, then you will want to check out MSA hard hats. MSA has been around since 1914 and is located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. MSA is known as the safety company and is well regarded in industries that need safety protection.

    When you get MSA hard hats then you can rest assure that you are buying a quality product that will keep everyone safe. There are quite a few different MSA hard hats out on the market today and finding out the proper one to use in your industry is very important.

    To figure out the right kind of MSA hard hats that you will be needing, you will first need to understand the dangers of the industry that you are working in. For example, you can use a bump cap instead of a hard hat in places that handle meatpacking or food processing. You shouldn’t use it however, in a steel mill or paper mill because it is not ANSI-compliant.

    When you get an MSA hard hat then you need to make sure that you get the proper size for your head. Getting a proper fitting hard hat is crucial in giving you the best protection possible. Also, you need to make sure that you use MSA suspensions on any MSA hard hat. If you don’t then you increase the chances that you can get hurt while wearing your hard hat. The reason for this is because messing around with MSA hard hats can decrease the energy-absorbing capabilities of the hats.

    There are many different places that you can buy MSA hard hats at. The first place that you can check will be with your local distributor. If he is large enough then he should carry a full line of support for the hard hats. The next best place to find them is to look for them online. There are quite a few different websites that you can go to get them.

    Make sure that you don’t buy a used hat. When you buy a used hat you don’t know what it has been through and if it has been maintained properly. Because of this, you might be putting your life in danger. It is an unnecessary risk for you. Always purchase a new hat when you are looking to replace your old one. Your family will thank you.

    The price range for these hats depends on what kind you are looking for. You will be able to find some cheap hard hats for as little as fourteen dollars. The higher-end models will run you anywhere from twenty-three dollars on upwards and over ninety dollars.

    If you are the creative type or like to be a little different then you will be able to find MSA safety hats that support your favorite football teams or have an American Bald Eagle on it. Just be certain that you don’t cover up your team’s logo with the various safety stickers that you have to put on your hat.