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Dax Carbon Fiber Hard Hat

Lift DAX Carbon Fiber Hard Hat Review

    In this article, we’re going to be taking a look at the Dax Carbon Fiber Hard Hat by Lift that is made out of carbon fiber. So with that being said, let’s go ahead and get this thing unboxed and we’ll take an in-depth look at this product as well as try it on and see how it fits and the comfort level that it provides. So with that being said, let’s go ahead and get started all right.

    I love the two-tone effect, but then I found out that it’s made fully of actual carbon fiber and you could feel that I mean this thing feels weightless! It does show us all the features of the suspension system inside of the hat to support your head.

    It says now with lux suspension system: it has a pivot system, a brow pad uh eyebrows. I guess that’s kind of interesting. Never would have thought about that, but a clinch fit. So that’s the little mechanism to tighten up the ratcheting system and that it has a comfort dome too.

    We do see all the features of this hat. The shell is made from carbon fiber even though it is a lighter material that is able to withstand heavy impacts. It has a brim grip, a staple feature on our premium. These hard hats are designed to provide a better grip comfort, dome is made with synthetic leather and a shock-absorbing pad to provide maximum comfort and protection.

    The Dax utilizes a unique lux suspension system to provide better retention. It has an interior liner using a six-point suspension system to provide superior impact absorption and then it meets the safety requirements of ANSI. The requirements for the type 1 class C hats, and then it tells you, the lifespan of the hard hat, which will vary depending on the conditions of each worksite.

    Maybe you might get a nice little decal right here of my logo but uh on the sides. You can see all the little rivet joints with their little plastic pieces on top of them and that’s to secure the six-point suspension system – and this just I mean this just feels nice and soft. I mean all that synthetic leather just feels nice. You can see that it does have all the little dots or holes that are for the airflow and for the sweat, uh retention right there. We have the ratcheting system on the back so that we can set this to exactly the size that we need it to be.

    Lift Dax Hard Hat

    So that number one we’re safe while using this and number two in the event something happens, this thing will stay on our heads and it will be comfortable so uh. The last thing to do is to try this out and wear this for a long period of time, and we will see how it works, how it looks, and how it fits and I’ll let you guys know about the comfort, so I will see you guys soon. Alrighty, you guys so we have now done the unboxing, and I used this hard hat for about two or three weeks straight. This is the first-ever hard hat that I’ve ever purchased and I’ve got to say I do not regret buying it, and I don’t regret the amount of money that I paid for it because of all the features that it has as well as because I well Any hard hat could have prevented it, but there was also one point where I actually gave this hard hat some battle damage and we’ll talk about that in a little bit.

    Dax Lift Hard Hat – The Best Hard Hat On The Market?

    But let’s go to all the safety features and everything about this hard hat. This hard hat has an extremely comfortable suspension system, and I really appreciate that because having this on for hours at a time cannot only get uncomfortable, but it can get hot. So with the suspension system that it has, it keeps you comfortable. It keeps it right where it’s supposed to be at all times: it doesn’t slip, it doesn’t move and with all the little, uh you know, sweat, beading, or the air holes that they put into all the fabric around here. It makes it really comfortable to wear the sweat, doesn’t really build up in this hard hat and it doesn’t get all moist or anything like that.

    It stays cool and it stays pretty dry aside from those features, this locking mechanism on the back of this hard hat is just awesome. It makes it easy to put on the hard hat and secure it to your head. It makes it easy to adjust it so that it’s comfortably and securely attached to your head, and it makes it easy to get out of it when you want to get out of it. So the rest of the hard hat is carbon fiber. Carbon fiber is extremely lightweight.

    So when you have this thing on your head, sometimes you’ll forget that it’s actually on your head and you know, you’re, just working and working and working and then try to wipe your forehead or something like that or wipe your hair. And you notice that it’s on your head, so I really appreciate the lightweight design, as well as all the suspension and the quick release that they did add to this hard hat now getting on to the battle scars and I’ll bring a close-up of that to uh To you guys, right now, I’ll just drop that in this hard hat, I was walking across uh across the job site to the other building that was there and um. I was just walking and I knew that this pillar was there with this stone plate, which I’ll also put a picture of I’ll drop it in right here as well. But for some reason, I didn’t notice the depth – or I was walking too fast, and this hard hat took that impact. The hard hat actually fell off my head due to the impact I was walking that fast or at that pace and the hard hat fell to the floor.

    Dax Hard Hat Review

    But my head was saved from an injury and I’m talking I would have probably needed stitches because of how sharp this surface is and how fast I was going. The hard hat has a nice big battle scratch up at the top on the white paint, and it has some of the uh. The bill over here is kind of messed up, as you guys can see, but you know as much as I like to take care of my things and keep them looking brand new. You know that’s expected for a hard hat and I’ve gotta say I cannot be happier that I had this hard hat on my head at the time that I was walking. You know it was probably mostly my fault because I wasn’t really paying as much attention as I should have been, but I was also just trying to you know: move fast, get some things done, and get on with the project, but this hard hat definitely did save Me from a trip to the emergency room, which would have been pretty bad so overall, uh Lift did a great job.

    With this hard hat, I am probably gonna buy another one actually just to have it you know, or for if someone comes with me on a job site, they’ll be able to wear one as well. If anyone needs a hard hat, I would definitely suggest picking up one of these Lift Dax hard hats. It’s carbon fiber, it’s lightweight, as I said before, the suspension system and the release system are amazing and I 100 recommend this product. It is a must if you’re on a job site and it’ll definitely keep you safe as almost any hard hat will. So, if you guys want to check this hard hat out, go check out that description box below, because I’ll be leaving a link to it.

    I purchased this on Amazon where it has thousands of 4 to 5 star reviews. It was about 150 bucks well worth the cost honestly, so definitely check it out.