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The Best Hard Hats For 2020

The hard hat is the most important part of your personal protective equipment (PPE). Having the best hard hat can prevent head damages, particularly for workers in dangerous settings, like on the construction sites. If you always work in a risky environment like a construction site, then you should know how a high-quality, and best hard hat keep you safe. With this PPE head gear, you can secure your head… Read More »The Best Hard Hats For 2020

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How To Select The Best Hard Hat: Buyer’s Guide

Hard hats are absolutely essential for safety on a job site. While shopping for the best hard hat, it frequently looks like a complicated and difficult job. If you have set your mind and made everything clear about requirements and features then it’s a no big deal now for you to purchase one best hard hat. Your hard hat ought to appropriate to you for all types of environment and… Read More »How To Select The Best Hard Hat: Buyer’s Guide

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4 Point Suspension Hard Hats

In the significantly demanding and dynamic environment which construction workers are put into nowadays, the hard hat is a mandatory piece of equipment. In order to satisfy all of the requirements, it needs to be safe, designed for extended usage under serious conditions. Protection, comfort, and functionality are what workers need. The 4 point suspension hard hat can provide these and fulfill the requirements and safety regulations on jobsites, in… Read More »4 Point Suspension Hard Hats

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Hard Hat Types and Features

In the office or workplace, safety is the key thing that all companies always make sure. While in working time, one of the various ways to make sure safety, is the use of hard hats that includes physical hazards. The hard shell helps to prevent different head injuries like concussions, brain damage, etc. OSHA 1926.100 states that companies must provide hard hats in workplaces where it can be a possibility… Read More »Hard Hat Types and Features


The History Of The Hard Hat

The Interesting History of the Hard Hat We all know that hard hats are the most important piece of protective gear you could have on a construction site. The hard hat ended up being prevalent during one of the most industrious times in history. The First Hard Hats In the really early years of shipbuilding, workmen would take tar and cover their own hats with them then set the dislikes… Read More »The History Of The Hard Hat

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MSA Hard Hats

When it comes to safety on the job for yourself and your co-workers, then you will want to check out MSA hard hats. MSA has been around since 1914 and is located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. MSA is known as the safety company and is well regarded in industries that need safety protection. When you get MSA hard hats then you can rest assure that you are buying a quality product… Read More »MSA Hard Hats

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Signs You May Need A New Hard Hat

Hard hats, like food, have an expiration date.  In addition, their useful life can be reduced if they get damaged too many times or are not properly cared for. The Lifetime of the Hard Hat It is an important part of your PPE gear which provides protection for your head. In all kinds of industries where a damaging to the head is possible, you must use hard hats. The Occupational… Read More »Signs You May Need A New Hard Hat

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Hard Hat Tips

When it comes to hard hat use, there are some questions that are raised in some people’s minds about what they can do to their hard hat and still maintain it’s working function. To help you in this regard, we will go through some questions related to hard hats. Question 1: Is it ok to wear Hard Hat Backward? It relies on the hat’s model, certification, and how it is… Read More »Hard Hat Tips