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Looking for a Cowboy Hard Hat? Look no further! We searched the entire web to find the highest rated hard hats with the best prices on the market.

Cowboy hard hats have become very popular these days so we put together these reviews that include ratings and price comparisons for the best hats we could find on the market. There’s no need to look anywhere else because we already did all the research and have all the pricing options online.

All our recommended cowboy hard hats are OSHA approved and will protect your head in style!  Designed for the true cowboy, these hats are a great alternative to the standard and regular job site headgear.

The western-style hard hat shape also provides sun and weather condition protection for your face, neck, and ears. These hard hats come with a variety of custom suspension systems protecting head sizes from 6.5 to 9. The western brim measurements from front to back provide for the ultimate protection for your head and neck areas.

While I have never owned a cowboy hard hat, I was convinced of their use as a legitimate and safe hard hats when I came across these reviews on different websites and forums:

“I’ve been wearing a cowboy hard hat now for 3 years and I think they are safer than regular hard hats. All the ones I have used have been super comfy and really durable. I’ve worn them on construction sites and when I am doing projects around my property. I’ve been smacked in the head with all kinds of stuff and my noggin is still in one piece! I think the cowboy hat shape provides the best protection.”


“I’ve worn the exact same felt Stetson about thirty years. It shades my eyes, face, and neck. In the cold, the brim keeps exposed skin comfortable by working as a windbreak.  I wore straw hats in summer but they blow off easily.

It was a nice surprise when cowboy hard hats got certified but it took trying a few different ones to get the right fit.  A didn’t like how they all came out of the box but after I made some adjustments to the suspension systems, I found them as comfortable as my Stetson.

In the rain, I love a hat with a brim and this hat shape does a great job of keeping me dry. The bat brim also saved me from a low bean in my garage the other day.”

“Safe? Yes. Comfortable? Yes, but only with the right suspension system for your head. The one I chose had different suspension system options so I got it to fit my head perfectly.

white cowboy hard hat

The complete brim design with cowboy hard hat shape will provide more security from the elements, not to mention flying objects, fragments of hot metal, and other various debris and falling objects. With these hats, you will be much better off in the winter season with rainfall, sleet, snow, and hail. Because of the nature of hard hats, with the suspension system, there will be some airflow in between your head and the hat. Even with white, aerated hard hats, it will get hot in the summertime since a piece of plastic on your head will trap heat. That could work to your advantage in the winter season.”

Now Let’s Get Into Our Recommended Cowboy Hard Hats!

#1 Jackson Safety Western Outlaw Hard Hat RATING

  • Jackson Safety Western Outlaw Hard Hat 19502
  • Wide 360° brim
  • 4-point ratchet suspension
  • Fits heads sizes 6.5 to 8
  • Package:1/EA


#2 Occunomix VCB200-06 Vulcan Cowboy Style Hard Hat

  • Best selling cowboy style hard hat
  • 6-point deluxe nylon rachet suspension and front cotton terry sweatband
  • Meets ANSI Z89.1 Type 1, class E & G
  • Extra wide brim provides more UV protection
  • Hard hat shell Made in USA

#3 Vulcan VCB100 Cowboy Hard Hat with 6-point Lock Suspension

  • 6-point deluxe squeeze lock ratchet suspension and front cotton terry sweatband
  • Available in a variety of colors
  • Meets ANSI Z89.1 Type 1, class E & G
  • Extra wide brim provides all weather protection
  • Made in USA

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