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hard hat safety

Construction Site Safety Rules Are Important

    Construction site safety is one of the most overlooked things during a roofing construction project. Construction workers are injured every year because safety measures are ignored. The safest way of completing a construction project is to make sure all workers are adequately trained and are aware of safety measures in place. Before a construction job can begin, safety procedures have to be planned out.

    The safety plan should include the equipment that is going to be used, the locations that workers are going to work, the safety measures that must be followed, the procedures that must be followed during construction, and the safety procedures that must be followed after completion of the construction project.  Workers should know about the right hard hats they should use on-site.  The Hard Hat Source is a great resource to find the best hard hat for the different job site types.

    A hard hat should always be worn on most construction sites.

    For construction workers, it’s very important to be given safety instructions before a construction job can be started. Safety is something that must be planned out before work begins because not following safety procedures can lead to a serious injury. A good safety plan will include the following safety measures:

    1. First and foremost, a safe construction site must have clear safety rules. The rules need to be posted in clear view covering hard hat areas, proper work gloves, and protective eye gear. Workers must also have harnesses and safety ropes.

    2. Safety harnesses must be given to all workers that are going to be on the construction site. A safety harness is a harness that has both a secure belt and a rope.

    3. All materials that are going to be handled must be stored on the ground and not in close proximity to workers. This is important because if something were to happen, the distance will allow the workers to quickly move the materials, rather than stopping to pick them up. Safety is very important because if the safety ropes become loosened, the workers could fall. They are placed so high up on the roof that the workers are unable to reach the safety ropes when needed. The good thing is that the workers can cut the safety ropes easily, or have someone give them a tug.

    4. Safety shoes are necessary for all workers. In this case, the workers wear safety shoes but may use anything that they feel is comfortable. Safety shoes are good for all types of construction jobs, not just for repairs. Safety shoes must be taken off when workers are finished with the construction.

    5. The workers mustn’t walk on the building site unless they wear a harness attached to their backs. A harness attaches to the worker’s shoulders and allows the workers to be attached to a secure structure.

    6. Also safety harness is necessary for the workers. When the workers are on the construction site, they should be attached to a strong structure, with their feet in a safety boot. This allows them to still work and not slip off of the roof.

    7. There should be a solid structure for the workers to be attached to, that is where the workers stay when done. If the workers are to be walked around the site, they need to be in the same structure as the workers. That is, no walkabouts, which is dangerous. A ladder is a solid structure to walk around the site on. This is important because if a worker slips, the structure holding him must be sturdy.

    8. The workers should not be allowed to go outside of the secured area.

    9. Workers shouldn’t be allowed to go near power lines.

    10. Be sure that the workers can also repair surrounding structures. This way, the worker will have someone to repair the nearby trees or shrubbery, or possibly the fence. That is no more than two feet from the fence. This protects the fence from damage and debris from the workers. If the fence is tall, the distance should be a third of the fence, which is two feet.