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Cap Style Hard Hat Comparison Review

    Imagine for a moment that you’re in a vibrant construction site or moving through a fast-paced warehouse. Things are constantly moving and sometimes, it’s chaotic. Keeping your head protected in such environments is of paramount importance. That’s where the GREEN DEVIL AIRLITE Series Safety Bump Cap, the GREEN DEVIL Safety Bump Cap Hat, and the Lightweight Safety Bump Cap come into play. But how do you even begin to choose the right one? If only someone could guide you through!

    The advent of bump cap hats dates back to the need for enhanced safety measures in hazardous situations while ensuring comfortable wear throughout the day. Traditionally, most protective gear was uncomfortable and bulky, but advances in technology have seen the emergence of lightweight, breathable and stylish safety hats. These hats not only reduce the risk of head injuries but are also equipped with reflective stripes for better visibility in low-light conditions. Additionally, they are quite stylish – resembling baseball caps – so you don’t have to compromise on looks for safety.

    This review is all about giving you the lowdown on three of these revolutionary bump caps. We’ll sift through the details of the GREEN DEVIL AIRLITE Series Safety Bump Cap, the GREEN DEVIL Safety Bump Cap Hat, and the Lightweight Safety Bump Cap, exploring their features, practicality, and individual perks. So get prepared, because you’re about to become an expert on safety bump caps!

    Green Devil Airlite Lightweight and Breathable Safety Baseball Cap with Reflective Stripes for Men and Women

    GREEN DEVIL AIRLITE Series Safety Bump Cap Super Lightweight Breathable Baseball Cap Style Head Protection Hard Hat for Men Women with Reflective Stripes

    The GREEN DEVIL AIRLITE Series Safety Bump Cap is primarily used to provide head protection for workers in low-risk workplaces. This elegantly designed cap acts as a shield against minor head impacts including bumps, scrapes, bruises, and other minor head injuries. It is especially beneficial in areas with low beams, pipes, passageways, or other low hanging obstructions. The hard hat is an ideal choice for mechanics, airline baggage handlers, warehouse workers, factory workers, and in-home service providers.

    We appreciate this product for several reasons. First, it combines practicality with style. You don’t have to trade off your personal style for safety as it looks every bit as stylish as a regular baseball cap. Second, the GREEN DEVIL bump cap prioritizes comfort. Its removable high-density ABS interior shell with foam padding makes it comfortable to wear throughout the day. Lastly, it addresses the common challenges of weight and heat associated with conventional bump caps. The product weighs just 145g and its 360° ventilation design ensures continuous airflow.

    The purpose of the GREEN DEVIL AIRLITE Series Safety Bump Cap is to offer lightweight, breathable, and stylish head protection in low-risk workplaces. The bump cap insert is made from a lightweight, durable high-density ABS material which ensures breathability and reduces heat.

    Key features include:

    • Upgraded design for lightweight and breathability: The design tackles the major challenges of weight and heat. The cap is crafted using high-density ABS material and the insert features 360° ventilation for maximum airflow.
    • Comfortable wear: Soft inner foam cushion and a removable interior shell contribute to the comfort of the cap.
    • Adjustable Size: A Continue elastic strap facilitates size adjustment for a secure fit. The headform size ranges from 54-64cm.
    • Visibility: Reflective piping is included for added visibility.
    • Tested and Approved: The bump cap meets the world’s only standard for bump caps, EN 812:2012.

    The overall quality of the GREEN DEVIL AIRLITE Series Safety Bump Cap is highly commendable. The hat is made of high-quality materials and its comfort and breathability are testament to the thoughtful design process. The brand is reliable and trusted, and this is demonstrated by the product’s adherence to one of the industry’s highest standards-EN 812:2012.


    1. Design: The upgraded design featuring the lightweight and breathable framework sets it apart from conventional bump caps
    2. Comfort: Soft inner foam cushion and removable interior shell provide superior comfort
    3. Visibility: Reflective strips offer added visibility in low-light conditions


    1. Protection: Although the hat is designed for low-risk environments, there may be workplaces where stronger, more robust head protection is required.
    2. One size: Although it’s adjustable to fit most, there may be concerns for individuals who do not fit within the 54-64cm headform size.

    Green Devil Airlite Lightweight and Breathable Safety Baseball Cap with Reflective Stripes for Men and Women

    Green Devil Grey Baseball Style Safety Bump Cap for Men and Women

    GREEN DEVIL Safety Bump Cap Hat Baseball Cap Style Safety Hat Breathable Lightweight Hard Hats for Men Women Lone Brim Grey

    Green Devil Safety Bump Cap Hat is primarily designed to offer utmost safety and protection to the users. This hard hat, though made in a baseball cap style, is meant for workplaces subject to potential dangers. Be it a construction site, industrial job, or any other hazardous occupation, the hard hat ensures your safety from any physical harm. It has been constructed to provide you with a blend of comfort, style and safety, all in one.

    We are big fans of the Green Devil Safety Bump Cap Hat and we have numerous reasons to back up our admiration. The first one, without any doubt, is its unique baseball cap style design. This takes you away from the traditional look of most safety hats and gives you a sporty flair. Despite being stylish, it does not compromise on safety measures.

    The hard hat offers optimal breathability making it comfortable to wear for long hours. A lot of hard hats in the market tend to become tight and stuffy after wearing for a while but with the Green Devil Safety Bump Cap Hat, that’s not an issue.

    Finally, we love it because it is lightweight. Oftentimes, hard hats can be heavy to wear making it difficult to keep them on. This product offers a strong yet lightweight solution, making it an immediate favourite among the users.

    The Green Devil Safety Bump Cap Hat is not just about its baseball cap style, but has been designed with a purpose to offer maximum safety and comfort. It comes with a lone brim that helps protect you from the sun while you are working outdoors.

    Designed for both men and women, this hard hat is equipped with key features to ensure your safety. The tough outer shell offers protection against any physical damage. Moreover, it’s breathable design ensures that you remain comfortable even if you have to wear the hard cap for a long duration. Further, its lightweight design ensures that the hat is never a burden on you, therefore increasing your productivity at work.

    When you think of hard hats, quality is something you can’t compromise on and Green Devil Safety Bump Cap Hat delivers effectively on this crucial aspect. This hard hat exudes excellent quality in every feature it provides. It’s rugged and well-built, ensuring durability and longevity.

    You will be impressed by its premium quality material that offers both comfort and protection. In terms of quality, this hard hat ticks all the boxes.

    This comprehensive Green Devil Safety Bump Cap Hat review wouldn’t be complete without discussing its pros and cons in detail.

    1. Stylish Approach: This safety hat comes in a unique baseball cap style, offering you a break from traditional hard hats. This further enhances the appeal and personality of the user.

    2. Breathable & Lightweight: The biggest advantage is that it’s lightweight and breathable. You can wear it for long hours without feeling suffocated or burdened.

    3. Gender Neutral: This product can be used by both men and women. It caters to everyone’s needs and preferences, making it a versatile safety product.

    4. Not for Extreme Conditions: While this hard hat is tough and protective, it might not be suitable for extremely hazardous conditions. Thus, you need to assess the work situation before using it.

    From these pointers, it’s clear that the pros by far outweighs the cons. Green Devil Safety Bump Cap Hat is an excellent hard hat offering an ideal blend of comfort, style and safety. If you prioritize any of these factors in your hard hat, this one is definitely worth a try.

    Green Devil Grey Baseball Style Safety Bump Cap for Men and Women

    Lightweight Protective Baseball Cap with Safety Features and Reflective Stripes

    Lightweight Safety Bump Cap - Breathable Baseball Style Protective Hat with Reflective Stripes

    The Lightweight Safety Bump Cap – Breathable Baseball Style Protective Hat with Reflective Stripes is designed for a variety of uses. It provides effective and efficient head protection to workers in industries or occupations where there’s a risk of minor bumps. However, it’s worth noting that it doesn’t provide the level of protection required for heavy construction or other settings with a high risk of severe injuries. Designed to be as comfortable as possible and still provide head safety, it is the ideal solution for environments where hard hats aren’t required but head protection is beneficial.

    One of the primary reasons we’re fond of this safety bump cap is its smart integration of safety features and comfort. It’s not just a protective gear – it’s a 100% Polyester baseball cap with a breathable design. The DWR Treatment Material used to manufacture this cap provides an excellent level of comfort.

    The reflective stripes account for increased visibility, especially in low-light situations. This is a user-friendly feature that enhances safety, especially if you’re working during twilight hours or in poorly lit areas.

    The option to choose your brim – micro (25mm), short (55mm) or long (73mm) adds to the adaptability of this safety bump cap. It allows you to select the best option according to your comfort preference and work requirements.

    This breathable safety bump cap is designed to offer padded protection to the wearer’s head without compromising comfort. Its key features are designed to provide convenience and security.

    Removable impact-resistant ABS plastic shell with foam padding: This combination of a hard exterior shell with soft padding provides excellent protection. It minimises the impact of minor bumps while keeping the user comfortable.

    Breathable side venting: This feature aligns with the interior shell, allowing airflow between your head and the hard hat. It reduces heat build-up, keeping you cool during intense or long work hours.

    Reflective piping: This increases visibility in low-light situations, making you easily noticeable for safety in lower light working conditions.

    The Lightweight Safety Bump Cap – Breathable Baseball Style Protective Hat with Reflective Stripes is made from durable, high-quality materials that we think are an excellent value for the price.

    It’s designed with the user in mind, prioritising a comfortable fit without sacrificing protection. It suggests that the manufacturers understand the need for a safety hat that doesn’t disrupt the work process.

    Like any product, it has its strengths and limitations. Here’s a quick rundown:


    • Comfortable and breathable, designed to reduce perspiration and overheating.
    • Provides protection from minor bumps.
    • The reflective stripes improve visibility in low-light situations.
    • Available in different brim sizes.


    • It’s only suitable for smaller risks. It’s not designed to protect against significant impacts or falling objects.
    • The overall design might not appeal to everyone, but remember, safety comes first!

    In a world where personal safety in the workplace is becoming increasingly paramount, this safety bump cap makes an excellent case for itself. Its cleverly designed features make it a product worth considering, blending safety, comfort and style in one protective hat.

    Lightweight Protective Baseball Cap with Safety Features and Reflective Stripes

    Comparison of GREEN DEVIL AIRLITE Series Safety Bump Cap, GREEN DEVIL Safety Bump Cap Hat, and Lightweight Safety Bump Cap

    When it comes to safety bump caps, these three models from GREEN DEVIL – the AIRLITE Series Safety Bump Cap, the GREEN DEVIL Safety Bump Cap Hat, and the Lightweight Safety Bump Cap – offer reliable protection with a touch of style. Featuring a baseball cap design, these caps not only shield you from bumps and other minor injuries, but they also ensure your comfort and breathability. Here’s a quick comparison that will help you identify which safety bump cap is perfect for your requirements.


    All three models sport a removable high-density ABS interior shell with foam padding, ensuring protection against minor bumps and scrapes. For optimal ventilation, these caps are designed with side venting that aligns with the interior shell. This offers the wearer a refreshing airflow between their head and the cap.

    The bump caps also come with reflective piping for enhanced visibility, especially in low light situations. Their adaptability is one-size-fits-most, made possible by an adjustable elastic strap.

    A distinguishing factor worth noting is the weight and brim length. The AIRLITE Series weighs just 145g and comes with a brim of 50mm. Meanwhile, the GREEN DEVIL Safety Bump Cap Hat and the Lightweight Safety Bump Cap do not specify their weight, but they offer varied brim lengths. The GREEN DEVIL Safety Bump Cap Hat lets you choose from micro (25mm), short (55mm) or long (73mm) brim.

    In terms of materials, the bump caps are made with 100% Polyester and ABS plastic shell for the padding.

    Here’s a table for quick reference:

    SpecificationsGREEN DEVIL AIRLITE Series Safety Bump CapGREEN DEVIL Safety Bump Cap HatLightweight Safety Bump Cap
    Weight145gNot specifiedNot specified
    Brim Length50mmMicro (25mm), Short (55mm), Long (73mm)Not specified
    Interior Shell MaterialDurable high-density ABSImpact-resistant ABS plasticNot specified
    Ventilation360°ventilationSide ventingSide venting
    ReflectivityReflective pipingReflective pipingReflective piping
    Adjustable FitYes, one size fits mostYes, one size fits mostYes, one size fits most
    Cap MaterialNot specified100% PolyesterNot specified

    Regardless of the model you choose, choosing a bump cap from GREEN DEVIL ensures quality, protection, and comfort for your peace of mind. Each cap falls under EN 812:2012 standard, guaranteeing their excellent performance in providing head protection. Moreover, all three options can be used in diverse work settings, making them versatile additions to your safety gear wardrobe.

    Summary and Conclusion

    After careful analysis of the reviews for the GREEN DEVIL AIRLITE Series Safety Bump Cap, the GREEN DEVIL Safety Bump Cap Hat, and the Lightweight Safety Bump Cap, it’s clear that these products offer not just protection but also comfort and style.

    The GREEN DEVIL AIRLITE Series Safety Bump Cap

    This safety bump cap stands out because of its reflective stripes, adding an extra layer of visibility during low light conditions. Reviews highlighted the super-lightweight design that allows for maximum comfort, even when worn for extended periods. One drawback noted is that it doesn’t offer the same level of protection as a traditional hard hat, meaning it’s not suitable for heavy-duty construction sites.

    The GREEN DEVIL Safety Bump Cap Hat

    This product also received largely positive reviews. It’s appreciated for its stylish baseball cap design and breathable material keeping your head cool during long work hours. Some users did note that the protection offered is less compared to conventional hard hats, limiting its use in high-risk areas.

    The Lightweight Safety Bump Cap

    This safety cap boasts of its practical, comfortable, and chic design. It’s lightweight, breathable, and features reflective stripes for better visibility. Similar to the other two products, its major drawback lies in the level of protection, which may not be enough for certain hazardous environments.


    Conclusively, it can be recommended that if you’re seeking a balance of style, comfort, and light protection, these safety bump caps would be a solid choice. They are particularly suitable for industries where heavy objects aren’t likely to fall but head protection is still deemed necessary, such as warehousing, logistics, and the automobile industry.

    Do keep in mind though, that a traditional hard hat may be necessary for high-risk environments like construction sites. It’s always essential to put your safety first and pick a product that meets your specific needs.

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