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Carbon fiber

Carbon fiber hard hats are like wearing a helmet that is stronger than steel but lighter than plastic. Click to check out these durable and long lasting hard hats!

cowboy hard hat

Cowboy hats

Don't let their slick style fool you. These cowboy hard hats are as tough as nails and have customizable styles and colors. Click to see our our best picks, cowboy!

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Special hats

With our wide variety of specialty hard hats, we have got what you are looking for. From bump caps to full brim and custom order styles, click to see what we picked in our reviews.


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The Best Hard Hats For 2020

The hard hat is the most important part of your personal protective equipment (PPE). Having the best hard hat can prevent head damages, particularly for workers in dangerous settings, like…

12 Best Carbon Fiber Hard Hats

Carbon fiber is one of the toughest materials you can use. Carbon fiber is usually used in the creation of security gear. The other reason that drives its utilization is…


hard hat tips

Hard Hat Tips

When it comes to hard hat use, there are some questions that are raised in some people’s minds about what they can do to their hard hat and still maintain…
hard hat types

Hard Hat Types and Features

In the office or workplace, safety is the key thing that all companies always make sure. While in working time, one of the various ways to make sure safety, is…
cowboy hat hard hat

Cowboy Hard Hats

Cowboy hard hats have actually ended up being incredibly popular nowadays so we put together these evaluations that include ratings and price comparisons for the very best hats we could…
hard hat expiration

Signs You May Need A New Hard Hat

Hard hats, like food, have an expiration date.  In addition, their useful life can be reduced if they get damaged too many times or are not properly cared for. The…

MSA Hard Hats

When it comes to safety on the job for yourself and your co-workers, then you will want to check out MSA hard hats. MSA has been around since 1914 and…

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